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Tomato Balsamic Onion Soup

Servings: 4  |  Featured Product:  Menu Pomodorina Sauce & Cipolline al Balsamico


400 g Menu Pomodorina Sauce
#12 Menu Cipolline al Balsamico
200 g Vegetable Bouillon
20 g Extra Virgin Oilve Oil
10 g Fine Minced Garlic
3 g Fresh Chopped Basil Leaves
#4 Slice Toasted Ciabatta Bread


In a frying pan with little Balsamic from the tin, caramelize the Cipolline al Balsamico. In the meantime in a tall pot with olive oil gently cook the minced garlic. Once lightly toasted, add the Pomodorina Sauce and bring to a boil. Add the Vegetable Bouillon and simmer for 10 minutes. Adjust of salt & pepper. Once the Cipollini Onions are caramelized drain the Balsamic in excess and reduce again the Balsamic till it becomes a thick syrup. With a knife, roughly chop the Cipollini onions and join back the reduced balsamic to obtain an Onion Jam. Add the fresh chopped Basil to the soup. Place the toasted slice of Ciabatta Bread in the soup dish, fill with Soup, place a little quenelle of onion jam over the soup, drizzle with Extra virgin olive oil, and serve hot or lukewarm.

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