After generations of making cheese it is a pleasure to be able to share with you, and your family, the traditions of Holland’s most delicious and versatile cheese: Beemster. Beemster’s long history as Holland’s most renowned cheesemaker has earned it the honor of being a supplier to the Royal Court of the Netherlands; the highest honor to be bestowed upon a cheese company in Holland.

The Beemster recipe, to this day, remains the foundation for crafting every wheel of Beemster at the dairy. The recipe continues to be handed down from one Master Cheesemaker to another upon the completion of their years of apprenticeship.


Awards: Beemster Classic Wins Super Gold again!!



Fresh and delicious, this young cheese shows the sweet richness of Beemster's milk. The gentle flavour makes Beemster Mild the perfect start to the day. Beemster Mild...

Graskaas - Seasonal

A seasonal cheese, this limited availability product is only produced in the summer. Beemster's world famous milk becomes even more coveted during the last two weeks...


Using our unmatched smooth and creamy goat’s milk, from the Beemster polder, Premium Goat is smooth and silky yet tasteful and aromatic. Health Benefits Goat cheeses...


Beemster Classic is matured for no less than 18 months to ensure a wonderfully complex taste. The beautiful color of this cheese instantly reminds you of Carmel....


Beemster XO is matured for 26 months making it Beemster's oldest cheese. Many people see 3-5 year old cheeses in stores and ask us why we do...


Beemster Vlaskaas is the newest addition to Beemster's line of Premium Gourmet Dutch Cheeses; however, is the oldest cheese recipe with the group of cheeses. When...

Slimkaas Matured

Beemster Slimkaas is the perfect alternative for cheese lovers who seek a true gourmet cheese. Beemster's philosophy has always been to bring the best possible taste...

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