Frutto D'Italia



Green Castelvetrano Olives

This fleshy, bright green olive from Sicily is so mild and juicy, even people who don't like olives fall in love! The green Castelvetrano is actually the PDO...

Green Cerignola Olives

The green Cerignola is an Italian olive, deep green in color and barrel-shaped. It has a Distinctive taste and an alkaline aftertaste. The olives are packaged in brine...

Taggiasca Olives

This small rose-black oval shaped olive has a delicate flavor and a fruity taste. Taggiasca olives are famous for the production of a high quality extra virgin olive...

Black Gaeta Olives

A black-rose colored olive with a unique taste. This type of olive is excellent with game dishes and first courses. Black Gaeta Olives, thanks to there organoleptic...

Italian Country Style Mix

This pure Italian medley combines pitted olives from the south, west and central parts of Italy. They are seasoned with sunflower and olive oil, tossed with parsley,...

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