Italian Specialty Cheeses



Goat Cheese IQF

This soft, unripened goat's milk cheese is available frozen in white cubes. It is clean white in colour, typical of plain goat cheese. It has a cultured aroma, acidic...

La Rustichella - Moliterno 1 yr Pecorino with Truffle (Pre-book/Seasonal)

Unlike most truffled cheeses, the truffle shavings for this cheese are not added until the cheese is already semi-aged. This allows the cheese to develop its own...

Perenzin - Walnut Leaf Caciotta and Goat Milk Prosecco

This goat cheese comes specifically from the area known as Belluno Mountains, which lie due north from the famous City of Venice. After an initial period of aging, the...

Perenzin - Ciok Al Vino Rosa (Pre-Book/Seasonal)

A cheese of semi-hard consistency, smooth texture with small eye formation which has been cured in grape no less than 10 days.   This cheese is made from...

Perenzin - Capra Pepper & Olive Oil (Pre-book/Seasonal)

This zingy capra comes from the Veneto region in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains where the Perenzin family has been producing cheese for 4 generations....

La Casearia Carpenedo Affinatori - Blu '61 (Pre-book/Seasonal)

1961: it's the year when Antonio Carpenedo and Giuseppina decided to get married. Their union is indissoluble, made of emotions and feelings, and both...

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