Italian Specialty Cheeses



Perenzin - Ciok Al Vino Rosa (Pre-Book/Seasonal)

A cheese of semi-hard consistency, smooth texture with small eye formation which has been cured in grape no less than 10 days.   This cheese is made from...

La Rustichella - Moliterno 1 yr Pecorino with Truffle (Pre-book/Seasonal)

Unlike most truffled cheeses, the truffle shavings for this cheese are not added until the cheese is already semi-aged. This allows the cheese to develop its own...

Perenzin - Capra Pepper & Olive Oil (Pre-book/Seasonal)

This zingy capra comes from the Veneto region in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains where the Perenzin family has been producing cheese for 4 generations....

La Casearia Carpenedo Affinatori Blu '61 (Pre-book/Seasonal)

1961: it's the year when Antonio Carpenedo and Giuseppina decided to get married. Their union is indissoluble, made of emotions and feelings, and both...

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