Paiarrop´s founder Amalio Vallés, 75, remembers a vendor pulling a mule bearing two big pitchers through town, one containing just the syrup, while the other was filled with the syrup cooked fruit. Today, Paiarrop is a small family run business with 20 years of experience manufacturing and commercializing our own products. Our first aim is to stand out for three distinctive points: the quality of the ingredients, which come from small family farms that care for the tradition; The respect for our origins, using recipes that have been handed down over generations; An open mind strategy with the aim of meeting client´s requirements. All the products are made with a high percentage of fruit, with no preservatives, colorants or aromas added. Paiarrop products are present in the best gourmet shops and supermarket chains of the USA, UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and others.