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Leg of Lamb with Artichokes "à la 'Giudìa''

Servings:   |  Featured Product:  Menu Artichokes a la Giudia


1.5 kg Leg of lamb
100 g Ham, cut into small pieces
Minced onion
Minced garlic
1 glass of Dry white wine
Minced parsley
Salt and black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
6 Menù Artichokes à la ''Giudia'', with their juice


Remove the bone from the leg of lamb, cut it into small pieces. Rinse them, dry them, and coat with flour. Brown the ham with the onion and the garlic in half a cup of olive oil. Add the lamb, brown it well, baste with white wine, and allow it to evaporate.

Add the liquid from the artichokes to the lamb and bring up to cooking temperature. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

When cooking is finished, cut the artichokes into wedges and add them to the meat. Allow the flavors to blend, then sprinkle on minced parsley, and serve hot.

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