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The Famous Beemster® Classic Club Sandwich

Servings: 1  |  Featured Product:  Beemster Classic


2 oz sliced Beemster® Classic
3 slices of Sheepherder’s bread (or bread of choice)
2 oz Sliced roasted turkey breast
3 slices Cooked bacon
1 oz Sliced deli-style roast beef
1 Sliced ripe tomato
2 Large slices of bell pepper
1 Large slice of red or sweet onion, rings separated
Romaine, rucola or red leaf lettuce


Spread the three slices of bread on one side with mayonnaise. Cover one slice of bread with the lettuce, Beemster® Classic, roasted turkey, tomato and onion. Top with a second slice of bread and cover with lettuce, roast beef, bacon, bell pepper and onion. Cover with the third slice of bread with the mayonnaise side facing downwards. Cut in two diagonally and insert a cocktail stick in each half. Serve with a side of lettuce and tomato topped with Beemster, cut into strips, and a little oil.

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