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Goat Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar

This award winning cheese is handcrafted in small batches using premium Ontario goat's milk, resulting in a unique and delightful cheese. Once the wheel has been crafted, it is carefully wrapped in its bandage to preserve freshness and flavor. After aging in a humidity controlled room for 12 months, the cheese is ready to enjoy. Perfectly creamy and buttery, with the slight tang of goat's milk and a hard, crumbly texture, this cheese is a perfect alternative to cow's milk cheddars.

Featured in Air Canada's enRoute Magazine! A staple at the Leslieville Cheese Market & Fine Foods marketplace. "Learn why an Ontario cabernet franc pairs well with the Goat Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar." (The mild taste of the cheese complements the raspberry and cassis aromas in the wine.)

Applications: Use Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar as the star of your next cheese board, surrounded by cured meats and salty olives. Or try shredding and incorporating into a spicy breakfast quesadilla!

Pairings: Wonderful with a crisp Gewurztraminer, or a Blonde Hefeweizen with this mild yet delightful cheese.

Product Code & Pack Size:
22542 Goat Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar - 1 x 5 kg
22547 Goat Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar - 1 x 20 kg


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