Wine Salame

Two great Italian loves - wine and salami - come together resulting in one of the most authentic and innovative products in today’s world of charcuterie. Experience the unique, old world style of Volpi’s Rosé, Chianti, Prosecco and Pinot Grigio Wine Salami. These mouth-watering salami are infused with high quality wines, dry cured and aged to perfection. Wine salami’s are made with all natural fresh pork, minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients or nitrites. Like any good wine, wine salami’s are meant to be shared with family and friends and are best accompanied by soft, fresh cheese and crusty breads.

Product Code & Pack Size:
14700 Wine Salame Rosé - 8 x 225 g
14701 Wine Salame Prosecco - 8 x 225 g
14702 Wine Salame Pinot Grigio - 8 x 225 g
14703 Wine Salame Chianti - 8 x 225 g


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