Salumificio San Carlo Spa


Established in 1964 – Bresaola Bordoni is born where the air is purce, the uncontaminated landscape, the sincere people. Our Bresaola couldn’t be born in a better environment than this. Alta Valtllina, the hear of the Alps. It was here, in the ancient family butchery of a small mountain village that his grandfather Piero started his own production of Bresaola.

Agricola Ferrarini Spa

A true craft, Ferrarini has perfected the process of making high quality Mortadella, Salame and Prosciutto di Parma. By only using the finest ingredients and a longer cooking time, these products offer a unique and delicate taste.

Tanara Giancarlo Spa

A leader in dry curing prosciutto and hailing from the Parm region of Italy for over 60 years Tanara Giancarlo prides themselves with quality prosciutto that has followed the strictest curing. Since this prosciutto is made in the Parma region, it has a sweeter and more buttery taste to it