Melchiorri Umbria

Acetaia Cavalli

Tradizionale was produced by Giovanni Cavalli, son of Ferdinando Cavalli, the legendary founder of the Reggio Emilia Consortium. The Cavalli name and reputation assure the highest quality. The 12 and 25-year designations are minimums and do not reflect the true age of many of Cavalli’s Tradizionale which can be up to 300 years old.

Villa Manodori

The Villa Manodori line of aromatized extra virgin olive oils has been created by Michelin starred chef Massimo Bottura. The highest quality extra virgin olive oil is combined with natural essential oils distilled through a unique process. This range of aromatic extra virgino olive oils enhances flavours and is indispensable for the preparation of dishes and finishing plates. Essential for your pantry and your performance in the kitchen.